Intermediate Pistol Course

Cost: $120 per shooter (Reach out to see how a friend can attend for free!)

Class Size: 1-3

Goal: Intermediate course will rely on basic pistol fundamental knowledge and muscle memory. This course will  emphasis accuracy, consistency with the goal of decreasing reaction time and increasing situational awareness. The Intermediate course is ideal for those who everyday carry, have recently taken a CCW class or would simply like to expand their skill set. 

Required Equipment:

  1. - Eye Protection (Sunglasses and/or regular prescription glasses ok)
  2. - Ear Protection (Recommend Electronic Ear Muffs. They will amplify verbal instructions from the instructor while quieting louder noises aka gunshots)
  3. - IWB/OWB Holster (Students will be drawing from the holster during the entire class)
  4. - Magazine Carrier and spare magazine
  5. - Preferred Pistol (Revolvers ok)
  6. - Sturdy Belt
  7. - Dress for the day (Bring a jacket, hat, and sun block if needed)
  8. - Comfortable shoes or boots (No sandals please)
  9. - 250 rounds of quality ammunition 
  10. - Water and snacks
  11. - Note pad and pen
  12. - Positive attitude!