2 Hour Beginner Course

Cost: $100 per shooter (Reach out to see how you can bring a friend for free!)

Class size: 1-3 

Goal: This class is designed for people who have never shot a gun before or would like to brush up on basic skills. Our instructors create a  safe enviroment where students feel comfortable asking questions and learning the basics of firearm safety. The goals of the class are:

  • Familarize students with basic firearm safety rules and shooting fundamentals

  • Learn the different components and terminology of parts of a pistol

  • Learn how to be safe on a gun range  and common terminology 

  • Be comfortable shooting a pistol and utilizing shooting fundamentals for consistent accuracy

  • Have fun! Our overall goal is for you to have a positive learning experience. It's incredibly important to Vital Tactics that our students feel more confident around firearms, whether it's at home or at the range. 

Required Equipment:

  1. - Eye Protection (Sunglasses and/or regular prescription glasses ok)
  2. - Ear Protection (Recommend Electronic Ear Muffs. They will amplify verbal instructions from the instructor while quieting louder noises aka gunshots)
  3. - Holster (Students will be drawing from the holster during a majority of the class)
  4. - Magazine Carrier and spare magazine
  5. - Preferred Pistol (Revolvers ok)
  6. - Sturdy Belt
  7. - Dress for the day (Bring a jacket, hat, and sun block if needed)
  8. - Comfortable shoes or boots (No sandals please)
  9. - 200 rounds of quality ammunition 
  10. - Water and snacks
  11. - Note pad and pen
  12. - Positive attitude!

Some of the items above may be rented at an additional cost. Please reach out for additional information. Equipment will be rented out on a first come first serve basis.