Benefits to a Concealed Carry Weapons (CCW) Permit

In Arizona, a Concealed Carry Weapons permit is not required to carry a concealed weapon. However, many people still continue to make the decision to take a CCW course and obtain their CCW license. Why is that? Although every person has their own reason for obtaining a CCW, Vital Tactics believes that everyone who does takes a CCW class is proving they are a responsible citizen. Not everyone who takes a CCW class is interested in carrying a firearm on a daily basis. Often times its informational, becoming a more informed citizen and gaining a better understanding of the laws.

There are several benefits to obtaining an Arizona CCW. Among those include:

  • Background checks – A CCW permit allows the purchase of most firearms without a background check.
  • Reciprocity – For those individuals that travel out of state, an Arizona CCW permit is recognized in a majority of the country. For a complete detailed list of the states that recognize an Arizona CCW click here.
  • Training – taking a CCW course and obtaining a CCW permit is just the beginning. Regardless if a newly minted CCW permit holder chooses to not carry a firearm, they have given themselves an advantage over someone who has not gone through the course. A crucial component that is covered with CCW courses is the ability to be situationally aware. Most people will be in a confrontation that will justify the use of their firearm. In fact, most people who teach CCW classes may have never been in that circumstance themselves. These facts are not meant to discredit instructors, it only emphasizes the most important detail to a situation. Being situationally aware of your surroundings. This means LOOK UP from your cell phone! Look both ways before crossing the street, think about how far away your car is from the office, and take the extra time to look around while you fill up your car at the gas station. Simply put, don’t be an easy target.
  • Legal Defense – if the situation does occur where the use of a firearm occurred, think about the day in court. Being a reasonable person, would you consider someone who took a CCW course to be slightly more trained and responsible than someone who didn’t?
  • Mindset – A good friend once said “the decision to carry is not a simple choice, it’s a lifestyle”. If you decide to accept the extra responsibility of exercising your 2nd Amendment rights on an everyday basis, you will approach almost everything from a different perspective. From the decision to wear contacts or glasses to what kind of shoes offer the best support, so many aspects of your lifestyle will be affected.

Although Vital Tactics does offer CCW classes, it is always best to consult with an attorney regarding legal matters.

Requirements for a CCW